Endorses Democrats Burke, Curtin and Kagan, who will make Pelham better

To the editor:

We are very fortunate to have so many talented and dedicated people in the Town of Pelham who have served, are serving, and are putting themselves forward to serve our community. Thank you to all our officials, most of whom are unpaid or meagerly compensated for their hours, days, months and years of hard work.

Pelham is a wonderful place, and I know it will remain so because of our shared commitment to the town we all love. But it does not need to stay the same to remain a wonderful place. Change is inevitable, and the right changes make Pelham even better. This year, we have the opportunity to support three fantastic candidates who already have substantive experience not just in keeping Pelham the same, but in making it better: Kristen Bowes Burke, Maura Curtin and Adam Kagan  Their accomplishments have benefited all of us and our families over the past several years in which they have served our community.

It is with enormous excitement and pride that I have voted  for Pelham Now and these three outstanding public servants (early voting in New Rochelle is a breeze!). I urge you to give them your vote—because the future of Pelham is not about staying the same. In America, we are always working towards the creation of a more perfect union, and that’s what I want for Pelham too!

Please vote—if not early, then on Election Day, Nov. 5.

Liz Massie

440 Eighth Ave.