PMHS alumni Chris Russo and T.J. Hurd fill homes with holiday cheer with their Pelham Lights

Putting up Christmas lights for the holiday season can be a frustrating and daunting task for many residents looking to add some Christmas spirit to their homes. Luckily, Pelham Lights is offering their services to anyone in Pelham and the surrounding areas.

Pelham Lights, created by Pelham’s own Chris Russo and T.J. Hurd, is a Christmas lighting service that provides and arranges impressive Christmas displays guaranteed to stun any passerby.

Russo and Hurd both graduated from PMHS in 2015. Russo graduated from Fordham in May with degrees in business and music. He works full-time during the holiday season with Pelham Lights. Hurd graduated from Cornell with a degree in electrical engineering, now working in software development. Earlier this year, the pair created the idea for Pelham Lights, and together have turned their idea into a business.

Russo began lighting homes with his own house. With his father, he used to undertake building projects every year, until one year they decided to amplify their usual Christmas lights, creating an impressive display of Christmas spirit. Soon after, he began setting up lights at his friend’s houses all over Pelham. Throughout high school and college, Russo would devote hours to spreading Christmas cheer wherever he went.

This past May, Hurd approached Russo with an idea, developing a full-fledged business out of Russo’s passion. Starting this Christmas season, they established their company, now offering their services to the public. They give consultations to help homeowners see the full potential of their land and from there, the pair create a variety of different lighting schemes, from classic Christmas trees, to lighted tree branches to hedges and bushes, to much more.

Visit Pelham Lights’s website to sign up for their services.