Pelham varsity hockey ready for rivalry matchup against Rye after heated win over North Rockland

Following Tuesday’s 3-2 loss against John Jay High School, the Pelham Memorial High School Varsity Hockey team hopes to achieve victory against an old rival: Rye High School.

The Pelicans also won a hard fought 6-3 victory over Division 1’s North Rockland this week, with goals being scored by 5 players. The Pelicans expect to face Rye without freshman forward Luke Green, who was ejected from the North Rockland game after being hit several times by opposing players. He will serve a one game suspension, while two North Rockland players received suspensions as well.

Rye High School News made their own grand comment on the upcoming game and long standing rivalry.

In an email, the Rye High School News stated that “Pelham’s a BIG rival and last year’s final game against them was an EPIC battle to the very heart-racing, teeth-gnashing, white-knuckling end!”

“Anabelle and the boys would LOVE a rousing and supportive crowd,” the update continued. “Because Pelham fans bring cowbells. COWBELLS! It’s infuriating.”

When asked about Pelham’s prospects in the days before the game, junior and center Jack Dougherty had input to provide.

“It was a tough loss against John Jay, ” Dougherty said. “But we hope to have a great game against Rye, and the team is excited to continue such an iconic rivalry.”

Rye and Pelham will face off on Tuesday, January 21st at 6:20 at the Pelham Ice Hutch. Bring cowbells.