Pelham parent tests positive for COVID-19; students and parents told to prepare for two-week closure

A parent of students in the Pelham Public Schools has tested positive for COVID-19, according to an email from Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ.

According to the release, the family is now in quarantine and while the children were asymptomatic while at school, they are reportedly symptomatic at this time. The district has said that it will be reaching out to teachers and the parents of students who likely had contact with these students. In an additional email, Champ said the students of the parent are in Kindergarten and fifth grade at Hutchinson School and sixth grade at Pelham Middle School.

“Parents should make plans for a two week closure,” said Champ in her email. “We will communicate additional details about this by Monday evening.”

Dr. Champ also writes of more details coming on a plan for continuity of learning during the closure, saying “faculty and staff are continuing their work to plan for meaningful self-directed learning during this extended closure and more details will be forthcoming early this week.”

The district also placed an emphasis on having students avoid congregating during this period, in order to avoid further spreading COVID-19 in the community.

“Closing school alone will not be enough to stop the spread of this virus,” wrote Champ. She notes a need for disinfecting surfaces in homes, avoiding gatherings, and staying home if you feel ill, as well as basic hygiene tips like avoiding touching your face and making sure to wash your hands regularly.

They also note that the district will be working with food service providers so students who require food services will not have that disrupted during the closure, with community organizations also preparing to step up to assist.

The release ends with a reminder, one which it is certainly prudent to remember in these trying times: “Please keep the members of our Pelham family and all those dealing with this disease in your thoughts.”