Vaccinations are safe, needed and should be used by all who can

The use of vaccinations has caused disagreement since their invention. In 1796, the first vaccination was used, and since then, people have been arguing over whether they are safe. With the recent outbreaks of Covid-19 and whooping cough in Pelham, it may become even more difficult for some to choose vaccinations or keep to their strong beliefs against them. With New York State shut down, some people are now praying for a vaccine to fight the coronavirus.

Vaccinations have been beneficial since their invention, preventing outbreaks of dangerous infections such as influenza and measles. The vaccine contains agents of a particular disease in order to train the immune system to effectively recognize and fight the disease. If someone were to contract the disease, the immune system is ready to produce antibodies to fight it. Vaccinations provide safe environments in schools and workplaces.

Some argue that vaccines are harmful to their health. These people, otherwise known as “anti-vaxxers,” believe that vaccinations infect people with the disease they were designed to protect against. This is not true because many of the shots are inactivated vaccines, which means the germ in it is dead. Those that are active contain a living bacteria or virus, but very little of it so as not to cause serious disease in people with healthy immune systems. Overall, just because vaccines contain microbes from a particular disease does not mean it’s possible for a person to be infected by the vaccine.

Everyone should make it a priority to vaccinate when suggested by their doctors. Not only do vaccines strengthen immune systems, but they can prevent long-term disabilities—such as blindness and paralysis—that can be caused by some infections. Vaccines across the board have saved more lives than antibiotics or surgery, which many focus on as their only medical intervention. Vaccines are the most effective means to preventing diseases and should be a priority among all ages in order to prevent harmful epidemics.