In a time of struggle, rainbows represent continued hope


After an intense storm, the sun shines down upon us and creates rainbows. To most, rainbows symbolize peace and hope. In this current crisis we face, in which we have to deal with the spread of Covid-19, a rainbow can help ease our minds, and remind us that the storm will end.

In the face of this pandemic in Italy, people have been drawing rainbows, inscribing the words “Andra Tutto Bene”, meaning all will be fine in English.

Pelham Together, a group that helps organize youth related events, got an idea from a Facebook page to spread cheer in these troubling times. They sought to replicate the idea in Pelham. To take it to the next level, PMHS junior Vanessa Rosado created the Instagram page @rainbowsofwestchester to take this message to the larger world social media brings. The page encourages people in its biography to “Keep sending in rainbows to spread positivity during these hectic times!”

Pelham Together said they were thrilled to help spread the word. On walks through the town, rainbows can be seen painted or drawn on pieces of paper hung in the windows of homes. “These rainbows can give younger people a chance to contribute to lifting up their community at a time when we all want to do something to make life a little brighter,” wrote Laura Caruso, executive director of Pelham Together. She also pointed out that everyone can enjoy the rainbows,  suggesting that younger kids can count the rainbows while on walks. Overall, this display of hope will raise the spirits of the town, and to give them a glimpse of life after the storm. All will be well!