Local Heroes: Who’s helping Pelham when it matters?

Heroes are all around us, stepping in to help as Pelham perseveres in the time of Covid.

A Local Hero might be a first responder you know. A health care worker. A volunteer in a community organization. A business owner. An individual who decided to act. A teacher. A leader. A worker. Your next door neighbor. Someone in your own house.

That list isn’t inclusive. We’ve seen so many heroes in the stories we’ve published. People in Pelham—and around the world—have stepped up and reached out during the weeks of trial, anxiety and suffering.

Who is your Local Hero here in Pelham? Tell us a little about why below. We will publish a running series of portraits of neighborly heroism. If you would like, you can send a picture of your hero to [email protected]

Local Heroes: Helping Pelham when it matters