Westchester County did not release town-by-town stats for Covid-19 on Wednesday

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said he would not be releasing town-by-town statistics on Covid-19 “for today’s update,” during his daily briefing Wednesday. He did provide an updated death total of 64 for the county, as well as 10,683 confirmed cases.

“The community numbers that we have do not represent a significant percentage of all of the cases that exist,” said Latimer. “The testing is done at the statewide level. The lab reports go back to the state. They task the county with interviewing and informing people who tested positive, but we don’t get the full picture of all those interviews in the real time that these tests are completed.”

Noting the problems that having an inaccurate count creates for a local government, Latimer said the county will work to correct the problem in order to report accurate numbers to the public and the local governments.