Sewer line blockages cause sewage back ups for residents in Chester Park area


Several major sewer line blockages under the Hutchinson River Parkway caused sewage to back up into the homes of residents in the Chester Park area, according to a pair of press releases from Village of Pelham Administrator Omar Small.

“The village has been working to minimize the impact on village homeowners by pumping sewage from the sewer line at the north end of Maple Avenue to another line near Chestnut Avenue,” Small said in the first release on April 15.

“Given the location of the blockage, resolving this issue has required action by the New York State Department of Transportation,” Small said. “After many frustrating days, we have only just been given permission to unearth a manhole which had previously been paved over by the DOT to gain access to the area of the blockage.”

In an update on April 16, Small said the manhole in question was raised for a Department of Public Works crew to work on in the future. The Maple Avenue line and the line running towards the southbound Hutch were also cleaned and jetted.

Small said that while working, the contractors discovered another major blockage on the southbound side of the Hutch. The blockage requires amendments to the village’s DOT permit to close the southbound passing lane and southbound Exit 14 ramp. “In the interim, the temporary bypass pump at the end of Maple Avenue to Chestnut Avenue will be active until further notice,” he said.

Village of Pelham document illustrating sewer line problem.