Westchester DA meets with Westchester Jewish Council in wake of ‘Zoom-bombing’

Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino, Jr. met with the Westchester Jewish Council on Monday morning to discuss recent ‘Zoom-bombing’ incidents and how to strengthen online security, according to a release sent after the roundtable concluded. Alongside Scarpino and the leadership of the WJC, more than 50 others participated in the roundtable.

DA Scarpino, joined by more than a half dozen of his senior staff, said that his office and other government groups planned to “investigate aggressively and to prosecute the perpetrators.” He further issued a reminder that “Hate has no place in Westchester.”

According to the release, the officials present further explained how they were planning to investigate, noting that the Westchester Intelligence Center was working closely with the Anti-Defamation League, with other branches of law enforcement working with each other to take the next steps. They also added that potential crimes should be reported to local law enforcement, who would in turn work with the District Attorney’s office and other officials.

Lisa Roberts, President of the WJC, cited the close relationship between the Council and DA’s office as the key factor in allowing communication and resources to be shared between the groups.

The release also listed several measures to create “safe and secure video conferences.” These include recording the meetings, issuing passwords, upgrading to newer versions of Zoom, as well as monitoring and removing attendees as warrented.