PMS staying in and stepping up with virtual graduation and other year-end activities


Pelham Middle School will hold a virtual moving-up ceremony with awards on June 23, according to an email from Principal Lynn Sabia.

Students will receive programs and their diplomas in the mail before the ceremony, said an email five days later. Awards will be mailed after preserving the surprise for the families and students.

This fall, PMS hopes to have a reunion with the current eighth graders, their teachers and staff as a replacement for the traditional dinner dance. There will also be a chance for eighth graders to get their yearbooks signed. Yearbooks are still going to be distributed, and eighth graders’ yearbooks are being prioritized.

“We are particularly sensitive to our eighth graders missing out on these important milestones,” said Sabia. “We will be working hard to make sure our students are celebrated in the manner they deserve.”

In the coming weeks, eighth graders will be getting a memento in honor of the PMS Class of 2020. One email hinted it would be a window decal.

The annual eighth-grade mural is also in the process of being created. Students have been working on their pieces of art at home and submitting them through Google Classroom. Art teacher Rebecca Schwarz will be putting it all together in her home.

There are still details to come, but teachers and staff at PMS have worked hard to make the eighth graders’ year as special as it would have been.