Thrive Barre & Fitness offering virtual classes in barre, 305 and stretching

Thrive Barre & Fitness, which opened downtown in February, is offering virtual classes that allow classmates to exercise and interact with each other on live calls.

Thrive’s online schedule includes 45-minute barre classes, 305 fitness classes and 30-minute stretch classes. Each session is $14, and classes are held seven days a week. All a student needs for a barre class is weights, a heavy piece of furniture and a mat. For a 305 class, participants should just wear sneakers. And for stretch, one should have a mat and a strap or belt for assistance.  Students can set-up anywhere in their home that has enough space for the movement required.

“We have really missed the personal connection with our clients,” said co-owner Danielle Aviezer. “One of the many pillars of the Thrive culture is community. We love being able to bring people together, to support them, to uplift them and be a place where they can relieve stress and feel good. Although we’re not able to provide hands on adjustments for correcting positioning and challenging students, something we take great pride in having extensive knowledge in at Thrive, our instructors are still able to provide an intimate, challenging, motivating and inspiring experience virtually. We knew in our hearts and also because our students reached out in various ways to tell us that our community needed us. It’s been so fulfilling for us to be able to be there for them and help them through this challenging time.”

To enroll in a class, a student needs to create a Zoom account. He or she will then receive an access link in an email confirming his or her class purchase.

Thrive is are also offering virtual styling for athletic/workout wear. For more information, students can visit Thrive’s website. Staff will work with clients to do a style profile and then deliver clothes to their homes.

For additional information on Thrive’s classes and offerings visit their website.