Mimi Rocah for Westchester DA to bring criminal justice reform

To the editor:

I am writing to support Mimi Rocah for Westchester district attorney. Watching the news, we can all see that our world is surrounded with egregious examples of why we need criminal justice reform. I’m speaking from my heart, as a lawyer, taxpayer, voter, woman of color, sister, worshiper, volunteer mask-maker, good neighbor and, most importantly, as a mom of a young son.

Mimi brings experience, and a not just a plan, but an agenda for reform that Westchester County desperately needs. Watching the horrific murder of George Floyd, the latest police killing of an unarmed black man, we see that once again timely justice was denied, delayed and downgraded to a third-degree charge for only one of the four officers. We are all watching Minneapolis, but our community cries out for justice in Westchester County as well. Mimi will bring real reform to address the systemic problems within our criminal justice system. Under Mimi’s “The Right Side of Justice” agenda, she calls for independent investigations of all police-involved fatalities and injuries, and independent prosecutions when laws have been broken. Most importantly, Mimi Rocah calls for zero tolerance for police brutality of any kind, with perpetrators being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I cannot sit idly by without imploring my friends and neighbors to vote for the much-needed criminal justice reforms that our county needs. We have seen too many injustices in our own lifetime, our sons and daughters should not be targets for injustice anywhere, especially not in Westchester County.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Mimi Rocah for Westchester County district attorney. It’s not enough to mark your ballot, and put it on your kitchen counter intending to mail it soon. The road to election disappointments is paved with good intentions. You have to got to get your ballot into the mailbox and send it off without delay.

Solange Hansen

513 Fifth Ave.