Pelham Sustainability Advisory Board holds meeting to educate volunteers on its Canopy Project


On Thursday, July 23, a meeting was held by the Pelham Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) to demonstrate to volunteers how to participate in their Canopy Project. 

The canopy project’s goal is to increase Pelham’s “canopy,” or the amount of trees, and subsequently shade, present. The methods of this project are to involve volunteers, with a particular emphasis on student volunteers who will be offered community service credit, to locate places to plant tress along the sidewalk. During the meeting, the program delved into the many benefits of trees including the ability to, “…remove air and water pollutants through both their root systems and their leaves. Tree canopies shade buildings, sidewalks, streets, and other structures keeping them cooler which reduces air conditioning and other energy needs in summer. Strategically placed tress, and correct tree species selection, can shelter buildings, from cold winds in winter months reducing heating costs.” Other benefits mentioned include their ability to store carbon, the creation of homes to birds and other animals, their role in pollination, and their ability to reduce water runoff.

The meeting attracted a dozen participants and helped to clarify the method in which the trees would be planted. “You want to find a space between the sidewalk and the street, with dimensions of 5 ft by 10 ft. The location should be 20 ft from street corners and 10 ft from structures,” said Heather Eliezer, a leader of the Pelham SAB. “One of our objectives is to create a greater awareness of the value, and sense of stewardship in our community with regard to our tree canopy.  Becoming directly involved in planning for planting, especially when young people are involved, contributes to this.” This planting, which will begin in the fall, will help to raise awareness about the importance of the canopy and help our community to look nicer. 

 Volunteer applications can be submitted here