OLPH closing brings possibility of influx of new students to Pelham public schools


With Our Lady of Perpetual Help School closing for the year, the Pelham Union Free School District says it is prepared for the possibility of as many as 140 new students entering Pelham’s public school system.

“Any and all students residing within the Pelham Union Free School District are welcome to register,” said Alex Wolff, the district’s public information officer. “As always, we are carefully monitoring registrations and will place students accordingly for the upcoming school year.”

According to a staffer in the OLPH office, the school’s student population was about 140 kids in Kindergarten through eighth. It is not known how many of these students live in Pelham and would be eligible to attend Pelham schools.

Assuming every OLPH student were to choose to attend Pelham schools, an average of 16 new kids per grade would be added in Kindergarten through eighth.