Flour Power bakery set to open at Four Corners this fall

Flour Power bakery set to open at Four Corners this fall

Many Pelham residents remember the closing of the bakery at four corners. Whether it was where you would go to get a treat for your kids or where you would have breakfast on a Saturday morning with your friends, it held a special place in the community’s heart. Since its closure in September of 2018, many have been curious as to how the empty storefront will be filled, and recently, this question has been answered.

A new bakery will be moving into the space called Flour Power, owned by Miranda Bucciero and Lauren Gibaldi. Miranda and Lauren originally met in culinary school and have been wanting to start their own bakery since then.

“We hope to have our kitchen finished and permitted by Halloween, and then we will start doing curbside pickup,” said Bucciero and Gibaldi. They will be serving all kinds of pastries, cookies, cakes and breakfast foods. “We are known for our cookies, brownies, truffles, chocolate-dipped goodies, cakes and cupcakes,” the pair said. They will also be serving DIY Kits, which you can take home so you or your family can decorate your own delicious treats.

Before opening up their first storefront, they were an entirely online business, in which they shipped to customers all over the United States. They will continue to ship to customers nationwide, but they are very excited about opening a store in Pelham.

“It’s super scary to take a leap and open a small business, especially with everything going on right now, but it’s definitely eased some anxiety and stress to be opening in a community that values their small businesses and has such lovely people,” they said.

If you want to check them out more, or order any treats for yourself, visit their website.