With Barks and Bones, pet store returns to downtown Pelham


Charlotte Cohn

Pet supplies at Barks and Bones.

Barks and Bones opened at 144 Fifth Ave. (Charlotte Cohn)

Downtown Pelham has a pet store again—or a boutique at least.

Barks and Bones opened at 144 Fifth Ave. on Oct. 19. The owner’s first store is located on Main Street in New Rochelle.

“Barks and Bones is a dog and cat boutique,” said manager John Juarez.

The store sells pet treats, bedding, toys, leashes and collars for dogs and cats. It has funny dog toys, including the “Chewnel” and “Chewy Vuiton.” Along with regular treats, the shop offers Hoggin’ Dogs ice cream, dog cake mix and non-alcoholic dog beer. Barks and Bones even has coats, dresses and hats for dogs and cats. Pet grooming is offered at the New Rochelle location.

Even though walk-in business is slow due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Juarez said people still need supplies for their pets. Juarez also said online sales have recently increased, and he expected more sales with the upcoming holiday season. Customers can visit the Barks and Bones website here.