Pelham Eliminates Plastic marches to raise awareness of presidential candidates’ energy policies

Pelham Eliminates Plastic prepares to march

The Pelham Eliminates Plastic (P.E.P.) club held a march Tuesday afternoon between the train station and JCafe, wearing matching sweatshirts and holding signs stating the policies that each president has towards energy.

Nadine Leesang, club president, said, “Basically, we just want to educate people by releasing track records of presidential policies towards energy.”

Leesang said the group remained unbiased, only stating what policies each presidential candidate had to offer, and letting passersby decide for themselves what they thought of each candidate. They maintained a more than a 100-foot distance from polls and stayed on the sidewalks, walking around for about 45 minutes. 

“P.E.P. is an entirely student-led organization that aims to educate people about environmental dangers and just generally wants to make a difference in Pelham,” said Lauren Kennedy, another organizer. “We caused DeCicco’s to remove their plastic bags long before the ban in New York, and at PMHS, we got rid of straws and utensils.”

Even their sweatshirts are environmentally friendly: 100% recycled.