Taylor Swift surprises again with second album in 2020; ‘evermore’ is worth it

Taylor Swift surprises again with second album in 2020; 'evermore' is worth it

“Evermore” was Taylor Swift’s second surprise of the year when it came out Dec. 11. It’s her eighth album and the sister to “folklore,” her Grammy-nominated record released in August. Both dropped without prior notice. Swift has clearly been busy during the pandemic while keeping quiet about the work she’s doing.

“Evermore” has 15 songs, more than the average pop album.

The first song, “willow,” is poetic, including the line, “I’m like the water when your ship rolled in that night, rough on the surface, but you cut through like a knife.” Swift sings with pain and hurt in her voice, bringing the lyrics to life. “Willow” has connected with listeners, tallying more than 48,119,00 streams on Spotify.

Most of the songs one “evermore” are sad. This is definitely not the album for you if you want upbeat and happy. The album has a rustic woods vibe, with songs that are moving and can make you feel a warmth because of the way the lyrics touch the listener.

One track is about murder, and Swift sings, “I think he did it.” The track might be frightening to some listeners, though it is a good story and an intriguing song. Every great song tells a story, and Swift is one of the best storytellers in music today. The album offers tales based on her own experiences but also stories that come from her imaginative mind.

Swift worked hard in 202o, writing and recording two full-length albums in five months, projects that include collaborations with several artists on some of the tracks. She is a role model for many, and her creative output is astonishing in an age where many artists are focused on releasing singles versus albums.

“Evermore” is a moving, touching, appealing album and another addition to Taylor Swift’s amazing legacy.