Foto Feature: Rainbows still serve as symbol of hope throughout Pelham

Rainbows have served as a symbol of community hope and togetherness through the Covid-19 pandemic. The paintings, pictures and other images started appearing in spring 2020 and were seen in communities throughout Europe and North America.

Lori Almer, a former middle school art teacher and now Prospect Hill School’s librarian, said, “To me, rainbows represent miracles and beauty after a rainstorm. In this case, they also represent hope and community unity! I feel hopeful about the amount of people who got together to bring good change during the pandemic. I especially feel hopeful as a teacher seeing my students wearing masks and being careful, showing they understand what it means to be a good citizen.”

One can see these rainbows in the windows throughout Pelham—or, of course, put one up themselves.