PWP joins with Brown Urban Mother Partners in Black history video series


Image from the video “The Bradford Family Personifies Black Excellent.”

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by Progressive Women of Pelham.

This February, Progressive Women of Pelham have joined forces with Tha Brown Urban Mother Partners to honor Black History Month in a video series celebrating “BLACK HISTORY IN THE MAKING.” The showcase will recognize Black Leadership, Black Excellence, and Black Joy in Pelham and Mount Vernon.

“In my 5 years of living in Pelham and working in Mt Vernon, I’ve met so many inspiring  individuals who ensure that Black history is remembered and the future is inclusive of positive Black representation,” explained PWP member Atasha Greene who conceived of the series. “I wanted to shine a spotlight on these Black history makers and recognize the leadership, excellence, and joy they manifest in our communities.”

A community-wide call for submissions is being issued in both towns for up to one minute videos or photo/s and description of an individual, group, business, or organization that exemplifies Black leadership through ideas and innovation, Black excellence through success and accomplishment, or Black joy through expression and talent in all forms of visual arts, theater, dance, sports, writing, and music.

“After a truly difficult year all around the world and here at home, PWP is thrilled to be partnering with Tha BUMP as we bring our communities closer together in honoring the outstanding neighbors who make Black History every day,” said PWP Executive Director Paula Wood.

“Our intention is to send little vignettes of Black love from Pelham and Mount Vernon as a conscious effort towards highlighting and bridging the gap,” added Tha BUMP founder Cynthia Turnquest-Jones. “We hope you are grabbed emotionally with Black joy.”

The submissions will be posted on our website daily throughout the month as well as shared in PWP and Tha BUMP’s social media channels and Facebook groups in both communities.

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