Michael Owen-Michaane declares run for school board

Editor’s note: This press release was provided by Dr. Michael Owen-Michaane.

Friends and Neighbors,

Dr. Michael Owen-Michaane

I am writing to you to announce my candidacy for the Board of Education in the election on May 18th 2021.

It was the honor of my life to be blessed with your overwhelming support during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The other physicians, physician assistants, and staff I work with at the Columbia University Medical Center, always got so excited to see a “Pelham Special Delivery” of N95 masks, flowers, and cupcakes (yum!!!) that you so graciously sent us.  Thank you so much to Pelham Civics, Pelham Together, the Pelham Chamber of Commerce, and the entire Pelham community for your incredible support!

During the Board of Education meeting on February 3rd, Dr. Champ expressed her urgent need for assistance from medical professionals to help interpret state guidance regarding COVID-19 and implement a safe reopening.

After hearing this urgent need for assistance and remembering how much the Pelham community has supported me and my family, I am offering my assistance and medical knowledge as a candidate for the Board of Education.  I am very fortunate as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center to have a flexible schedule that will allow me to fully commit to the time requirement involved in Board of Education duties.

Tragically, during the months of March through June of 2020, I signed more death certificates than in the rest of my career combined.  I take COVID-19 very seriously and pledge to do the utmost to keep all of our children, teachers, administrators, staff, and the entire Pelham community safe and healthy.

As a father-of-four, I have witnessed the effects of this pandemic on my children including prolonged social isolation, learning loss, decreased physical activity, increased screen time, and  serious decline in mental health. I share your concerns about protecting the mental health and well-being of your children and teens and preventing exposure to COVID-19.

I am 100% committed to working collaboratively with Dr. Champ and the Board in any way possible to guarantee the SAFE return to Full Time In Person Instruction and to make sure that our schools continue to operate safely for the foreseeable future, as we continue to deal with the effects of this pandemic.

As a physician I understand that due to high-risk medical conditions and other considerations, many families must continue with remote instruction.  The Board must maintain and improve the remote instruction option to ensure an equitable education for all children.

I want to thank the dozens and dozens of Pelham neighbors who have already supported my candidacy by signing petitions to place my name on the ballot for the May 18th election.  I am humbled by your support.  I recognize that my social network is just a thin slice of the diversity in Pelham and truly want to hear from as many members of the community as possible.  Please email, text, or call me to share your perspective and concerns.  (Contact info: michael@owenmichaane.com, 347-774-1464)

In closing, I want to extend my deep gratitude to Dr. Champ and the current Board of Education.  These leaders did remarkable work under extraordinary circumstances to continue to safely educate our children during an unprecedented global disaster.  I would be honored to assist Dr. Champ, the Board, and Pelham with my knowledge and expertise as a doctor well-versed in COVID-19 in order to help in any way I can.


Michael Owen-Michaane, MD

457 Siwanoy Place