Attendance at high school club’s refugee night hampered by Covid-19 restrictions

A SFR fundraiser in 2019

The Pelham Memorial High School Students for Refugees Club held a Teen Refugee Fun Night in mid-March, though Covid-19 restrictions made it hard to have much of a fun night.

Five people signed up and only one person showed up, and later left.

This year, the events have been virtual. In the past, the nights provided the chance to get to know refugees and have fun with them. The club hosted a similar event earlier this year.

“Before Covid, Scarsdale would occasionally host fun nights at their school where refugee families would go to connect with the community,” said Dylan Lee, co-president of the Pelham high school club. “We would play games, draw and converse with many people. However, because of Covid, we thought that we could do the same thing but online,”

“For that night, if people showed up, we were going to do a game night,” said Ethan Lee, co-president. “We had different online games in mind to play with the refugee children that are in Westchester. We were going to play, which is like a Pictionary game. We were going to do this all through a Zoom call with other SFR (Students for Refugees) chapters.”

In 2019, the club held a fundraiser at the Pelham Picture House where they watched a movie. They also have done bake-sale fundraisers in the past.

The club leaders had been planning this event for a long time.