PMS Drama Club’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ available on-demand Thursday-Monday

Facing the challenge of putting on a show during Covid-19, the Pelham Middle School Drama Club decided to adapt “Alice in Wonderland” from the traditional classic into a shorter, one-act show that tells the well-loved tale.

It’s available to rent on-demand for 48 hours from Thursday through Monday. The show is $12 for individual viewing and $25 for families.

Rehearsing and performing a show fully virtually had its ups and downs.

“It’s beneficial because it keeps people safe from Covid, and by making the show available virtually, many more people will get to see the performance,” said Justin Cohen, who plays Tweedledum.

While the show may be less work for the audience, theater via Google Meet was a whole different situation for the kids. “The hardest part was working online and finding the motivation to really connect with the character,” said Jeremy Tam, the show’s The Mad Hatter.

Taya Senerchia, who plays Alice, said, “It was so amazing watching the play come together over Zoom. Everyone was truly excited to work on this project, and I am super excited for everyone to watch.”