In support of Franklin Field town pool suggested at school board meeting

To the editor:

I wholeheartedly endorse the proposal made Wednesday night to the board of education for a town swimming pool at Franklin Field to be paid for by user fees. The equity audit commissioned by the school board highlights the need for bringing the young people in all the elementary schools together before they reach middle school. The Princeton Plan, which would entail busing children all around town, is not suitable for Pelham or its taxpayers. People move to Pelham for the neighborhood schools. Bringing the children and their families together for at least the ten weeks of summer recess has the advantages of being a pleasant remedy, targeting the middle school location with ample parking, all while being a capital asset for the town with no burden on the taxpayers.

As I understand it, roughly half of Franklin Field would be needed for the town pool complex. It would be on school property available to the schools on school days and available to the town recreation department on non-school days. Financing of the pool would be through user fees, which is customary in other small towns in Westchester. In Dobbs Ferry, with approximately the same population as Pelham, its new pool is supported by user fees of about $440 for a family for a year and $85 for an individual for a year. Certainly, between the town recreation department and the school district, it can be arranged that everyone will be able to enjoy the pool, swimming lessons, swim teams, lifeguard training and employment as well as other social events suitable for a town pool area.

This proposal addresses the need identified in the equity audit and is a happy and practical solution for all. Let’s dive in!

Amy Rios

442 Second Ave.