McLoughlin demonstrates community leadership needed for town board

To the editor:

In the early panic of the pandemic, when most of us worried about our health and our families, Kara McLoughlin worried about other people too. She saw fundraiser after fundraiser cancelled, for nonprofits that provided essential goods and services to members of our community. How would the groups finance their efforts, which were more urgently needed than ever, if they couldn’t raise money?

So, while we were hunting for hand sanitizer, Kara co-created Couchfest, three hours of online musical performance that raised over $70,000 for deserving organizations. Kara saw the need, devised a solution, recruited others, did the work and succeeded.

That sort of leadership is typical of Kara, and just one of the many reasons we are proud to endorse her for Pelham’s Town Council.

Kara is a dream candidate. She has an MBA from Columbia and a professional background in finance, marketing and philanthropy. She’s the executive director of a foundation supporting girls’ and women’s programs. Her exhaustive history of civic participation spans categories: Kara chaired various committees on the Pelham Education Foundation, serving the maximum time allowed, and helped raise more than $1 million for educational needs not covered by the school budget. She held a variety of leadership positions in the Junior League for 15 years, helping create the Wolfs Lane and Woodland Playground parks. She served on the citizen’s nominating committee for the board of education. She learned about the recreation department by managing youth sports teams (in multiple sports) for over a decade. She launched StreetFest to support the Pelham Chamber of Commerce and local businesses. As a Pelham Together volunteer, she co-coordinated WinterFest and SummerFest.

She did all of this, and more, while working and raising a family.

But it’s in her collaborative approach where Kara shines brightest. She loves Pelham and embraces the fact that we’re all neighbors who want the best for our town. As a breast cancer survivor, Kara credits the disease with reminding her to seize each day and use her time on what matters. What matters to her is bringing neighbors together on the many issues we agree on. She focuses on positive ideas for improvements (go to for more info). It’s a welcome change from the divisiveness that politics often encourages.

Kara has knocked on hundreds of doors in Pelham, greeting friends and introducing herself to residents she doesn’t know. Her favorite part of campaigning so far is the number of people who had the same response to her visit: “Thank you for listening.”

We represent a wide range of political views, but we agree on this: Kara will bring that spirit of listening and collaboration to government. We’ll be lucky to have her represent us, and we ask you to join us in electing her to our town council on Nov. 2.

Marilyn Zielinski

60 First St., with:

Elizabeth Alderman

Tami Altschiller

Jonathan Altschiller

Nandini Anandu

Allison Anderson

Erin Apmann

Michael Apmann

Cathie Arquilla

Warren Banholzer

Laura Barge-O’Sullivan

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Jonathan Bernstein

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George Bischof

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Cathy Czukas

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