After Monday’s events at PMHS, PTA will seek ways to educate community on use of social media

To the editor:

We are thankful to know that everyone at Pelham Memorial High School is safe and that no one was in any danger at any time this week.

In a time when social media may create an inflated sense of urgency, heightened anxiety and a perception of danger, we all have a responsibility to avoid speculative rumors, misinformation and fomenting fear.

Some children felt unsafe on Monday and Tuesday, and no parent, teacher nor administrator ever wants that climate in a school environment. In situations like this, it is important to focus on clear communication of the facts. There are lessons to be learned from Monday to inform future decision making by students, parents, the school district and the police departments.

The PTA will pursue opportunities to educate the community on use of social media, and we will advocate for better use of resources like the school and police messaging systems, which are in place to help our community in fraught times, and better proactive communication in general.

As your elected PMHS PTA leadership, we are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being and educational success through strong parent, family and community involvement.
Sara Mallach

PMHS PTA president

12 Garden Road

Marjut Herzog

PMHS PTA president-elect