PMHS senior Rella wins major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament after low seed


Chris Rella playing in the Let’s Make Big Moves tournament.

Chris Rella won first place in multiple categories at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate national tournament, Let’s Make Big Moves, held from Jan. 7-9. Rella collected a total of $2,748. in the singles and squad strike categories.

Rella, a Pelham Memorial High School senior, competes under the gamer tag Quidd as the character Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. As an up-and-coming gamer, he did not have much experience playing in large-scale tournaments. Heading into the tournament, he was the 32nd seed, making him the lowest-seeded winner of any North American Ultimate major competition.

“Although my goal was to make top eight, I felt the drive to play my best and get as deep into the bracket as I could,” said Rella. “Winning was the ultimate goal that I was always shooting for, but I never expected to reach it so soon.”

With the tournament being held nearby in Manhattan, Rella was encouraged by being able to compete in his home region and spending the weekend with his brother and close friends.

“I was fortunate to have my Smash friends behind me and cheering me on during every set,” said Rella. “I think the support from the Westchester Smash community was especially important in motivating me to keep going and win the whole thing.”

Rella has enjoyed playing Super Smash Bros. on various Nintendo consoles with his brothers from a young age. At the beginning of middle school, he gained an interest in competitive gaming, always tuning in to watch the major tournaments.

“I played in my first tournament in January 2019, and during that summer, I started attending weekly tournaments in New Rochelle,” said Rella, “Since then, I’ve been hooked.”

Besides playing Super Smash Bros., Rella plays other Nintendo games, including Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. He is also an avid Tetris player and looking to play competitively.