Oscar nominee ‘King Richard’ serves up grand slam


Richard Williams wanted more for his daughters than the streets of Compton, California. He wanted the life and respect for them he never received. In Warner Bros. Pictures’ “King Richard”, the world finally gets to understand the inner workings of tennis superstars Venus (Saniyya Sidney) and Serena Williams (Demi Singleton).

The film was released on November 19th to theatres and HBO Max. Later, it was released on Hulu.

On IMDB, the movie is a 7.5/10. However, I believe it is even better.

The movie encapsulates their childhood life and many scenes, especially the scene reenacting an interview, were exactly precise to the originals. The producers worked for hand in hand with Venus and Serena to ensure the movie was accurate to their lives. With the matching tennis costume and Sidney, who played Venus, learned to play tennis with her right hand even though she was a lefty. These small details made the difference between a good movie and a great movie. Oftentimes, movies add more fiction than fact to the story which takes away the integrity of the story. But keeping this storyline accurate ensures that viewers understand the significance their father played in Venus and Serena’s careers.

Personally, I found the movie to be very inspiring, “King Richard” really shows audiences the struggle endured by the Williams family as they rose up through tennis rankings. The sisters practiced in the rain, on run-down courts, fought racism, and had the police called on their father for his “abusive” parenting. However, it really goes to show the support and defense Richard gave them along the journey.

Will Smith also played a passionate Richard Williams. Smith made the most of his screen time with the passion he poured into his character’s emotions. Both Singleton and Sidney were also extremely dedicated to their roles, they truel4y understood the importance of their roles and played incredible Venus and Serenas.

“King Richard” was nominated for best actor, best picture, best supporting actor, best original screenplay, best song, and best film editing. Ultimately, Will Smith took home best actor for his role as Richard Williams.

Grade: A+