Supports Marrero for school trustee based on work on PCC board

To the editor:

The election for Pelham Board of Education board members is coming up on May 17. As Pelham residents, it is incumbent upon everyone to ensure that the board of education is filled with talented, dedicated residents who can assist in guiding the district.
As the director of the Pelham Children’s Center, I have had the honor to work with one of our board members who is a huge advocate for children and is running for a seat on the school board: Natalie Marrero. Over the course of my tenure as PCC director, I have come to know Natalie through her work on the PCC board and know her to be a hardworking, dedicated person who would fairly represent the needs of all children attending the Pelham schools. She is tough, but fair, and I believe will be an asset to Pelham education. On a personal level, I fully endorse her candidacy and hope that when the time comes your vote will support her candidacy.

(This is a personal endorsement and does not reflect the opinions of the PCC board or staff. Natalie has not asked for or solicited this endorsement, nor am I receiving anything from her or her family in exchange for this endorsement.)

Stephen Madey

48 Stephenson Blvd.

New Rochelle