Girl Scouts look to celebrate 100 years of service to Pelham

Pelham Girl Scouts at the post office sometime in 1947-48. (Courtesy Photo courtesy of the Town Historian Collection)

The Girl Scouts of Pelham will celebrate more than 100 years of activity and service later this year, with specific plans still in the works.

“This tremendous milestone will show our current Girl Scouts that what they are doing now will impact their entire life,” said co-Service Unit Leader Stephanie Otero. “Girl Scouts not only enriches the community it thrives in, it helps the girl become the best version of herself.”

Pelham Girl Scouts has been in town for at least a century, with the first troop formed in the early 1920s. Many celebratory plans are in the works. The scouts have a few ideas up their sleeves, including activities in honor of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low. The troops are looking for Pelham Girl Scout alumni to share their stories. Individual troops have also been encouraged to organize their own activities, such as dressing in full uniform for school, mentoring a younger troop and sharing their own stories.

“Pelham is one of the strongest Girl Scout groups in the Heart of the Hudson” region, said co-Service Unit Leader Annie Fagbeyiro. “Even during the pandemic, we had almost 250 active members. As the world starts to reopen, we hope to also ignite the next generation of Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts is a lifelong sisterhood, once a Girl Scout always a Girl Scout.”