Pelham Manor Board of Trustees appoints new fire chief, discusses concerns about flooding

The Pelham Manor Board of Trustees approved Monday the appointment of Michael Greco as fire chief and responded to concerns about flooding during the storm on June 2.

Fire Department Captain Michael Greco was named fire chief to replace Chief Joseph Ruggerio, who is retiring from the department after 25 years of service. Greco will be sworn in at the next meeting. 

“Greco is committed to the service, and he has all of the qualifications to be the next fire chief,” said Village Manager John Pierpont. “He will bring talents and great skills to leading the program. He shows a great deal of confidence and capability and he is fully committed to his job and his community.” 

Numerous citizens attended the meeting to express their concerns about the flooding that occurred during the storm on June 2. 

“I felt like my house was disproportionately affected by the rain,” said resident James Tolan. “Something has got to change because I am getting rundown from other properties, and my house is not at the bottom of a hill. This also isn’t the first time that this has happened to my house, and it seems like it always happens and there isn’t any change that happens after each storm.”

The board of trustees presented Pelham Manor resident Ryan Byrnes (center) with a proclamation for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Village Manager John Pierpont said the village is looking to create a catch basin to capture water before it goes further onto properties. 

Police Officer Frank Pompilio was sworn in during the meeting. Pompilio began his career in the Duchess County Sheriff’s Department in 2005 as a part-time deputy. In 2018, Pompilio was hired as a police officer in Mount Vernon before coming to Pelham in May 2021. 

“Over the last year, Frank’s work, experience and work ethic have enhanced the professionalism that exists in the department,” Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey said.

Ryan Byrnes was honored by the board for his work on an Eagle Scout project improving the environmental benefits at Glover Field to reduce the noise and to allow people and students to enjoy the area.

“Ryan Byrnes is a person of outstanding character,” Monachino Lapey said. “He has an ability that things are done right. He is committed to the environment and to things that are greater than himself.”

The next board meeting will be on June 26 at 8:15 p.m.