Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’ tells unique story with up-and-coming actors

Netflixs Purple Hearts tells unique story with up-and-coming actors

The Netflix original “Purple Hearts” has captivated the hearts of viewers with Forbes calling the movie “one of Netflix’s most successful films ever.” Now the title may sound simple, but the complexity of this film is difficult to unpack as it follows the innocent romance of Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke (Nicholas Galitzine). Cassie, an aspiring songwriter, and Luke, a young marine, wind up in a fake marriage that neither of them had planned for. This marriage leads to a long, winding road that teaches viewers to open their eyes and see things from other points of view.

Cassie and Luke could not be more different, down to their political beliefs and the level of spice they can handle. These two characters push all that aside to help each other. They start as each other’s own worst nightmares and end as each other’s happily ever afters.

For me, this has been the first time I have seen Sofia Carson in a mature role as her starting roles were on Disney Channel. It was amazing to see her acting transformation from “Descendents” to “Purple Hearts.” Carson has really been able to build a name for herself and with the performance, she pulled out and will be a household name soon.

Carson may be playing an aspiring singer on the screen but she is also following the same path as her character. The songs in “Purple Hearts” really helped set the tone for the emotions spilling out of the characters with Carson’s voice being the perfect fit.

I would like to commend the writers for this film. I have never watched such a niche movie before; “Purple Hearts” tells the story of two people who fake a marriage in order to solve their own problems. However, since Luke is a marine, faking a marriage in order to get monetary benefits is illegal. I have learned so much about government benefits in one movie from illegal marriages to insulin for diabetes.

Purple Hearts was inspired by a novel with the same title written by Tess Wakefield. Though I haven’t read it and wasn’t aware of the book when I watched the film, but I plan on checking out the book since I can’t get enough of Cassie and Luke’s relationship.

Grade: A-