Public pocket park created on Hutchinson School property at Third and Lincoln

A public pocket park is being built at the corner of Third and Lincoln avenues on school land in front of where stood the old Hutchinson Elementary School.

Jim Hricay, assistant superintendent of business, said KG&D, the architect for the project, has had multiple meetings with user groups. The pocket park was a product of their design for what to do on the Hutchinson site once the old building was demolished. The design was decided before the new building was built, around 2018-2019. It was funded through the bond approved by voters.

“It’s going to be an area that hopefully the community can enjoy, and we want to work with community organizations and with the greater community to finalize what the space will look like,” said Hricay.

Sod has already been laid down, according to Alex Wolff, the school district’s public information officer.

The new Hutchinson opened to students last September on land behind the former school, and crews have spent much of the past year demolishing the old structure.

According to Hricay, the area at the corner of Third and Lincoln avenues right now is a start and will be finalized with the community.

“It’s been a long project for the community and the neighbors in the area, and they’ve been terrific, but it’s been a long project,” said Hricay. “We’re really excited for the work to finish up and for everyone to really enjoy it, and not have construction there.”

The pocket park will be the second public park in the Town of Pelham on school district land: Julianne’s Playground is also on property owned by the school system.

At the new school, the playing fields are being finished and will include a baseball diamond with grass in the outfield area, Wolff said.