Pelham Manor emails peddler law to residents after reports of people being followed home, attempt to open door to house


Incidents involving people being followed home by peddlers and a reported attempt to open the door of a house prompted the Village of Pelham Manor to email its peddling law to residents on Sept. 13.

“We had received questions from residents and report on social media (of) merchants who were following people home,” said Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey. “There was an allegation where some person tried to open a homeowner’s door. Due to this, the village manager thought it would be a good idea” to send the text of the law to residents.

“If a resident is approached by a peddler at home, the peddler must be able to produce their license to validate the fact that a license has been issued,” said the village’s email. “If the peddler does not produce the license, he or she should be turned away and the resident should notify the (police department) that the unlicensed activity is taking place.”