Village of Pelham Manor researches trolley to bring residents to and from train station


The Village of Pelham Manor is researching the idea of a commuter trolley to get residents to and from the train station, particularly those who lost parking spots in a Village of Pelham lot.

“We are currently in a fact-finding information and gathering stage,” said Village of Pelham Manor Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey. “There were lots of commuter parking that have been affected, which caused 35 Pelham Manor residents to be affected. We are hoping that there is some interest in the possibility for a trolley to pick up these commuters from Pelham Manor and shuttle them to the train station.”

For people who are interested in the trolley, or have ideas to help solve the commuter parking problem, contact the Village of Pelham Manor by using the email it has created, [email protected].

A notice from the village indicated residents would pay for the shuttle service.