Before you treat, don’t be tricked: Pelham Manor Police advise parents to beware of THC-laced candy in deceptive packaging


Pelham Manor Police Department

Medicated Nerd Rope Bites labeled with “THC” on the front and back.

The Pelham Manor Police Department has urged parents to inspect their children’s halloween candy for drugs because supposed treats can now come in packaging that looks uncannily like popular candy brands.

“Typically, these packages will have a dosage of the active ingredient (normally THC) and marijuana leaves stamped on the front,” said police in a Thursday press release. Packaging for drug-laced candy can also include language like “stoned” or “medicated” when referring to the candy, police said. The statement also cautioned against eating unwrapped candy.

“While we have faith our residents would not intentionally hand out these items on Halloween night, the department thinks it is prudent to provide you additional information on this topic,” police said.

Dr. Susan Ely, a Pelham Manor resident, said the issue of drugs in candy isn’t new. “This is a significant public health issue and has been for some number of years, particularly in the very vulnerable pediatric population, given their much lower body mass and different and naive metabolic substrate relative to adults,” said Ely. “PSA’s advising careful reading of candy packaging is a prudent and responsible policy, even if the likelihood of encountering one is highly unlikely in Pelham. Public education is the best remedy until the public health and political authorities get it better under control and regulated.”

If a child does ingests candy with THC or any other drug, parents should immediately call poison control: (800)-222-1222.

Two packages of fake Lifesavers Gummies display “THC” and a marijuana leaf in the lower corners. (Pelham Manor Police Department)