PMHS boys hockey falls in 6-4 home opener against Rivertown

The banner reads: “Pelham High School: 2021-2022 New York State Division II State Champions.” Unveiled at the beginning of the PMHS boys hockey game on Tuesday against Rivertown, the big sign reminded fans of the team’s success last year. But it was back to business soon after the ceremonies, and the Pelicans could not come away with a win against Rivertown. The home opener ended 6-4 in the visitor’s favor at the Ice Hutch.

The game started off slow on both sides. With two minutes to go in the first period, Reid Finster netted Pelham’s first goal on a power play. In the second period, Rivertown responded immediately with a goal to tie up the game, and then scored another goal with four minutes left in the period. Pelham’s Angus Deeney, with just 48 seconds left, ripped off a goal to tie up the game.

Both teams picked up the pace in the third period, but Rivertown came in hotter and tallied a goal almost immediately. In response, Chris Franchini assisted Luke Green. The festivities didn’t last as Rivertown saw an opening in the defense and scored two goals in succession with 11:19 left in the game, and then another five minutes later. The last Pelican goal came from Will Crotty to get the score to 6-4 at the end of the period.