‘Emily in Paris’ season three is wrapped in conflict and emotions—and great fashion sense


After a shocking end to season two, “Emily in Paris” viewers had to wait almost a year to find out whether or not Emily would continue working at Savior or follow her French coworkers in a new direction. Season three consists of ten episodes that show the protagonist moving through a world of issues that, at times, were confusing and unexpected. 

Ending season two with the ultimate cliffhanger, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) has to decide between two people she respects. Emily is trying to make everyone happy instead of picking between Savior and staying loyal to her longtime boss Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh) or following the French colleagues who have grown to appreciate her. She is a chronic people pleaser, trying not to ruin relationships with her colleagues, but that gets shattered quickly in the new season when one of her French colleagues, Luc (Bruno Gouery), tells Madeline about how Emily is working for his new company, Agerance Grateau, alongside Sylvie Grateau (Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu) and Julian (Samuel Arnold).

Fashion in this season did not disappoint, the bold statement choices staying consistent throughout the previous episodes. Many viewers, including myself, were impressed the items picked for Emily are bright and have many different patterns and textures. We see Emily’s fashion progress during the show and continue to grow this season as she adapts to French culture and tries to take her own stance on the special aesthetic of French fashion. Other characters, including Mindy Chen (Ashley Lee Park), Sylvie, Julian and Luc, have notable costume selections that are a portrayal of somewhat traditional French fashion. 

The show does a good job portraying problems that leave Emily hopeless and alone at times. From the second season, and greatly emphasized this season, Emily has conflicted feelings for charming chef and neighbor, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), who was added into the show during season two as another love interest to create the ultimate love triangle intertwined with the romantic city of Paris. The love triangle continues through engagements, almost weddings, proposals and heartbreak, and ends the season with Emily having to choose between Alfie and Gabriel. 

Grade: A