Two out-of-district students arrested after altercation with Pelham security guard near Franklin Field


Entrance to Franklin Field.

On Monday afternoon, Village of Pelham police responded to the area around Franklin Field near the high school and middle school campus. There was a brief altercation between a group of students from a nearby high school and one of the district’s safety guards, according to an email sent out by Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ. 

“The altercation occurred after a safety monitor observed the students near Franklin Field and attempted to determine who they were and why they were in such close proximity to the schools,” said Champ in the email that was addressed to families and staff at 5:50 p.m. Monday evening.

Two students involved in the dispute were arrested by Village of Pelham police. 

“To be clear, the students involved in Monday’s incident in Pelham did not make an attempt to enter our schools,” said the email.

Champ referenced a recent event that occurred at Eastchester High School where students from a neighboring school district attempted to enter Eastchester’s building.