4 PMHS students sent to hospital after 3 made ill by edible marijuana taken in school bathroom


EMS car outside of Pelham Memorial High School Wednesday.

Four Pelham Memorial High School students were transported to Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital on Wednesday after at least three fell ill from consuming edible marijuana in a school bathroom, according to Pelham Police Department incident reports.

Police responded to PMHS at 11:42 a.m. and found one student who reported edible marijuana was causing her to vomit. “Further, she advised that several students had taken edible marijuana during third period,” police said. “She stated they had taken them in a second-floor girls bathroom.”

Two other students from the group were identified, one of whom was also ill, and all were transported to the hospital. At 2:30 p.m., Pelham Police returned to PMHS and took a fourth student to the hospital on the belief she had “consumed edible marijuana,” the report said.

While police were in the building, the high school implemented a series of hold-in-place procedures for 40 minutes during sixth period.

In an email Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Champ said, “EMS services responded to Pelham Memorial High School due to multiple students falling ill.” The high school’s academy period was canceled, and a faculty meeting was held to brief on the situation.

PMHS Principal Mark Berkowitz followed up Champ’s email Wednesday evening, alerting students to grade-wide assemblies being held Thursday. Berkowitz said the assemblies would reinforce “the messages that have already been presented during health classes” and provided additional resources from Student Assistance Counselor Justine LaDisa.

During the assemblies, Berkowitz lead a conversation on drug use and explained the measures taken during the incidents Wednesday. He held a brief period for questions and reminded students that any one of the guidance counselors, social workers or himself could answer other questions.

Due to student privacy issues, the school could not share specifics, but Berkowitz said students had not taken any substances containing fentanyl, and the students hospitalized were in stable condition. Consequences will be enforced based on the PMHS code of conduct, he said.