Former school board member says Garcia has all qualities needed to be outstanding trustee

To the editor:

I am writing to express my strongest endorsement for Annemarie Garcia, a candidate for the Pelham Board of Education.

I don’t often support candidates publicly, but as a former two-term board of education member, a Pelham Memorial High School teacher and longtime resident of our town, I can confidently say that Annemarie personifies all the qualities necessary to make an outstanding board member.

First, she demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to public education, having volunteered for more than a decade supporting families and ensuring all students flourish. It gives her specific insights into key aspects of our schools, including as former Hutchinson PTA co-president and current PTA Council president. It also means her learning curve as a new school board member would be short, allowing her to make an immediate and positive impact in areas where we outperform and where we need improvement.

Second, you will not find a stronger consensus builder than Annemarie. She is known as a listener and collaborator who gets things done. She asks tough questions and promotes meaningful change but always by finding common ground.

Third, Annemarie understands that public education works best when it keeps children at the center of all decision making. Our high school has just been ranked third in Westchester County and in the top 2% across New York State. This extraordinary achievement shows that the student-centered approach works.

Finally, the board of education’s responsibility to serve all families and students is made stronger by the unique neighborhood perspectives each member brings to its work. If elected, Annemarie would bring her Hutchinson community knowledge to the table—a perspective that has been missing from the board’s work.

Annemarie is an exceptional candidate for the Pelham school board. She has my vote, and I hope you will be voting for her as well on May 16.

Peggy Nicholson

915 Wynnewood Road