Garcia prepared for fast start on school board with service as school PTA leader and as president of PTA Council

To the editor:

We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Annemarie Garcia’s candidacy for the Pelham Board of Education. We have known Annemarie since our children were at Hutchinson Elementary School together and have been continuously impressed with her tireless advocacy for all students in our community.

Annemarie has demonstrated leadership in Pelham for over a decade through her roles on school-level PTAs and currently as president on the townwide PTA Council, where she essentially serves as the lead parent representative across all Pelham schools to district leaders, including the superintendent and the board of education. Annemarie is prepared to hit the ground running on day one.

We’ve witnessed firsthand Annemarie’s communication skills and her ability to bring people together. She ensures every voice is heard by soliciting input from multiple perspectives and balancing the interests and concerns of parents of different age levels and from different schools. She maintains a singular focus on how we can work together and shows everyone the utmost respect. These are incredibly important traits for a member of the board of education.

Annemarie will put our community’s children at the center of every recommendation and every decision.  I (Laura) have had the privilege of witnessing her passion and commitment to all Pelham youth up close in her role on the Pelham Together Advisory Board. She understands the inextricable relationship between student well-being and academic success and will be a fierce advocate for both for all of our kids.

Finally, we believe our school board works best when all four elementary schools have representation. Hutchinson has not been represented during the past two years. The transition to middle school can be difficult for any student, and they all deserve an advocate who understands something about where they started and where they are going.

Please join us in voting for Annemarie for the board of education on May 16.

Thank you.

Laura and Chris Caruso

15 Chestnut Avenue