2018 Midterm Elections: a voter’s guide to local and statewide races

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Andrew Cuomo-Democratic/Independence/Working Families/Women’s Equality parties

Two term governor and former attorney general Andrew Cuomo is looking to be elected to his third term in the governor’s mansion. A candidate with a strong liberal bend, Cuomo is considered by most to be safe for reelection, and according to a Siena College poll, has a 13 percent lead over Molinaro. Cuomo’s campaign is built on his $100 billion infrastructure plan, as well as his record in office. Critics accuse Cuomo of allowing corruption within his inner circle, citing numerous cases of official corruption under his administration, and also argue that he has allowed inefficiency to blossom in the growing MTA crisis in New York City.

Marcus Molinaro-Republican/Reform/Conservative parties

Former State Assemblyman and current Dutchess County Executive Marcus (Marc) Molinaro is leading the Republican charge in New York. When elected as Mayor of Tivoli, NY in 1995, he was 19, and at the time was the youngest Mayor in the US. He was elected 5 times, followed by 4 more election to the Dutchess County Legislature, and was then elected to the New York State Assembly in 2007. Molinaro served in the Assembly until his election to the Dutchess Executive position in 2011 at the age of 36, the youngest County Executive in US history. Molinaro is currently polling in the low to mid 30s. The Molinaro campaign aims to improve transportation, with an 8-point plan to fix the MTA, and enact sweeping ethics and anti-corruption reforms. Opponents argue that Molinaro is nothing but a miniature of President Trump, and that the state should have someone as a check to the President.

Stephanie Miner-Independent (SAM) Party

Running along side Village of Pelham Mayor Volpe, Stephanie Miner is a candidate for New York State governor on the Serve America Movement line. Miner is the first candidate the party will contest.  SAM is meant to attract both republicans and democrats. The party earned it’s place on the New York ballot by earning 50,000 votes in a  petition and hopes to be contested in future elections. Former mayor of Syracuse, New York, Miner (Democrat) runs along side Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe to encourage the message of bipartisanship.  They hope to knock off incumbent Andrew Cuomo though the odds are posed against them.

U.S. Senate:

Kirsten Gillibrand-Democratic/Independence/Working Families/Women’s Equality parties

Former Congresswomen and incumbent New York junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is seeking reelection to her second full term in the US Senate. A prominent voice for liberal ideals, Gillibrand won her previous election in 2012 by nearly 3 million votes. Gillibrand is known particularly for her work on transparency and strengthening regulations against sexual assault, as well as building protection for sexual assault victims. She is the Ranking Member on 2 separate subcommittees in the Senate. Her 2018 campaign is centered mainly around countering the ideas of President Trump, increasing transparency, and defending working families. Opponents argue that every decision she makes is with the end goal of running for President in 2020, and her decisions are more influenced by her political career rather than helping the American people.

Chele Farley-Republican/Conservative/Reform parties

A partner at Mistral Capital International, Chele Farley is seeking to be elected as the first Republican Senator for New York since Al D’Amato left in 1999. Farley has no prior political experience other than being the New York State Republican Party Treasurer, and is an Ivy League educated industrial engineer. The latest polls from Siena College show her 23% below Gillibrand. Her campaign is built on putting New York first, supporting Israel, and limiting Congressional terms. Farley has pledged to serve only two terms if elected. Critics say she is using Trumpian political tactics, highlighting her outsider credentials, while obscuring her positions on actual issues.

Lieutenant Governor:

Kathleen Hochul (Cuomo)-Democratic Party

Julie Killian (Molinaro)-Republican Party

Michael Volpe (Miner)-Independent (SAM)

U.S. Congressional District:

Elliot Engel (unopposed)-Democratic Party (Incumbent)

State Senate

Jeffrey Klein-Independence Party (Incumbent)

Jeff Klein has represented the 34th district of New York State as state senator for over two decades and will be on the election ticket under the Independence party. Klein is known for his creation and involvement in the Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC), a group of eight Democrats that voted with the Republicans in the state senate, giving the GOP a majority. Klein lost in the September Democratic primary with 45.6 percent of the polls and 14, 754 votes, roughly 3,000 fewer than his opponent. Klein has championed district 34 for the past few years, passing legislation ranging from education reform and raising the minimum wage, to helping to restore the economy after the 2008 economic crisis.

Alessandra Biaggi-Democratic/Working Families parties

Hoping to earn her first position in government, Alessandra Biaggi has already had a major victory over Klein in the Democratic primary. Biaggi’s prior political involvement include her position as Deputy National Operations Director under Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and as Assistant General Counsel for Governor Cuomo’s Office of Storm Recovery. Biaggi has been openly critical of Klein’s involvement in the IDC throughout the campaign. Biaggi’s aims to address housing reform, New York City’s transportation system, immigration, and women’s rights. Biaggi won the September primary with 54.4 percent and 17,618 votes. Biaggi encouraged a “blue wave” of reform throughout her run and received endorsements from organizations ranging from the Working Families party to the New York Times.

Richard Ribustello-Republican Party

Richard Ribustello is running as the Republican candidate for the state senate seat in the 34th district of New York. Richard Ribustello has neither a campaign website or Facebook page.

N.Y. Assembly District 88:

Amy Paulin (unopposed)-Democratic Party (Incumbent)


Voter Hotline

Attorney General Barbara Underwood is committed to ensuring a smooth voting process. She has provided a hotline for voters to reach out to if there is an issue that needs troubleshooting:


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