Pelham Pelicans prepare to be ‘Freezin’ for a Reason’ at Saturday’s Polar Plunge


Deborah Karson

The 2017 Pelican Polar squad.

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I heard my teeth clattering and looked down to see my body covered in goosebumps. Huddled for warmth, the Pelham Pelicans were ready to plunge. Noon struck, the torch sirened through Glen Island and massive groups of people of every age sprinted into the freezing Long Island Sound.

I ran on the soft, cold sand, and then water splashed onto my face. I had to make a serious decision; dunk or don’t dunk. I dunked. Screaming from excitement and numbness, I ran out of the water in search of my warm, cozy towel.

Everyone was filled with joy and the feeling of success after completing last year’s Polar Plunge. We were all rewarded with free, Nesquik hot chocolate. Honestly, that is one of the best perks of the whole event.

The Polar Plunge is a great cause that helps raise money for the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics New York team has 68,547 athletes training and competing year-round in 22 Olympic-style sports. The athletes and their families or caregivers are never charged to participate; it costs $400 to support training and competition for one athlete for one sports season. By raising $400 from sponsors, a Polar Plunger can sponsor an athlete for an entire season.

Helping to give back to my community is extremely important to me. The Polar Plunge is such an amazing opportunity to give back, which is why I love participating in it year after year. I am thrilled that my third Polar Plunge will be Saturday, and, hopefully, it will not be as freezing as expected…

Rain, snow, or shine, the Pelham Pelicans will be ‘Freezin’ for a Reason.’

So far, Pelicans have raised $1,470 and hope to raise more with your help. We would greatly appreciate it if you would contribute to this cause by donating. Anyone is welcome to watch the plunge on Glen Island at noon on Saturday

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Editor’s note: Charlotte Howard is co-captain with Charlotte Edmunds of the Pelham Memorial High School Polar Plunge team.