The ultimate showdown of the Pelham pizza parlors

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Pizza, pizza! The holy grail of food in Pelham. In a tight competition between hairdressers and dry cleaners, pizza parlors take the gold for the most sacred establishments in this quaint town. Whether you’re a die-hard fan Pelham Pizza, a lover of Villaggio’s ziti slice, or just purely addicted to Four Corners, every Pelhamite has their favorite pizza parlor. I took to the streets to end the debate once and for all.

I judged my decision based on the four essential features of a good pizza place: density of slice, cheese to sauce ratio, ambiance and price related to quality. 

Pelham Pizza

Pelham Pizza slice.

Everyone shares the same experience when the pizza arrives at your booth at Pelham Pizza: the slice is burning hot, steam is rising from the cheese, and your mouth is watering. A true Pelhamite is not afraid to stuff that piping hot slice into their mouth. I myself have faced several “3rd-degree-roof-of-my-mouth” pizza burns. Despite this, there are a few undeniable reasons I can’t stop myself from going back to this joint on Fifth Ave.

The guys at Pelham Pizza are friendly, funny and work very efficiently. A slice appears in a matter of minutes hot and ready on a plate ready for you to devour. Even if the line is nearly out the door, the guys at Pelham Pizza will not disappoint in time efficiency and will surely keep you entertained while you wait.

Pelham Pizza’s slice is nice and thin, but not too thin to the point where it completely flops over, so it was good in terms of density. Pelham Pizza has perfected the cheese to sauce ratio. Each slice has a perfect amount of cheese and the sauce is not overbearing.

At just $2.50, a Pelham Pizza slice is more than worth the price.

Pelham Pizza is an easy stop for lunch or dinner and all the other measurements of quality add up. With a great ambiance, delicious slice, and fair price, this slice earns a well deserved 19/20.

Four Corners

I’m not an avid Four Corners visitor, but it’s fair to say that this slice totally blew my expectations.

Four Corners slice.

Though Four Corners does have limited seating, the guys in Four Corners were super nice and very efficient. There were a few booths open on a Saturday night. I also managed to be graced with a slice fresh out of the oven!

Four Corners tasted like that quintessential New York slice that millions flock to the city to find. The slice had a good density; it was thin but not floppy, tasty but not oily and not overly filling. I found that after I ate my slice I didn’t feel gross or as if I needed a huge glass of water to wash it down. The cheese to sauce ratio was excellent. While the sauce was tangy and a bit peppered, it was balanced by the cheese. The crust was very thin, melted in my mouth and was perfectly crispy. The crust is truly what pulled the entire slice together.

For a slightly more expensive $3.00, I would say that this slice was still worth the price considering the quality.

The Four Corners slice was not what I was expecting, but I was more than impressed. Therefore, Four Corners earns an 18/20.


Villagio’s slice.

Villaggio is much more than just a pizza shop: the Villaggio restaurant offers delicious authentic Italian dishes, and the pizza parlor serves up a variety of delicious and unique slices. Moreover, Villaggio’s has ample seating, great decorations, and friendly employees. However, I think their plain slice just isn’t the best Villaggio’s has to offer.

First, the sauce to cheese ratio is incredibly lacking. There is way too much sauce and not enough cheese. The sauce was very sweet, and the cheese doesn’t quite pull the way that a good quality New York slice should. I find that the Villaggio’s slice is way too dense and taste almost like pie crust. Still, the crust did have a slightly burnt, nice crunch. To me, the slice just doesn’t have that signature pizza taste.

At a pricey $3.00, I think it is fair to say that the plain slice isn’t worth the price in relation to its quality. Nonetheless, it’s still worth it if you just need a quick bite. If you really want to taste what Villaggio’s has to offer, you should pick up a ziti slice or their signature caesar slices. Though pricey, these slices are delicious and unique and will be sure to fill you up.

Villaggio’s earns a 16/20, but makes up for its lack of taste in delicious specialty slices and great location!

Final Verdict

While you’re free to come to your own conclusion, as it’s clear these places are all great in their own respect, for me, Pelham Pizza won this showdown. The density was great, the sauce to cheese ratio was excellent, and with great ambiance, the slice was definitely worth the price.