Prospect Hill’s 15th annual talent show stages dancing, music, comedy and big finale

The 15th annual Prospect Hill Talent Show kicked off on Tuesday and ran a second night on Wednesday. Both nights were filled with many different kinds of talent, including musicianship, amazing gymnastics and dancing.

“There were a lot of different talents and more kids did solos this year, which was just cool to see,” Jean Reynolds said. “Some acts were really gymnasticky—acrobatic.”

One group was dressed as cheerleaders and danced to music while doing cartwheels.

The announcers called out each act while the spectators leaned back in their seats, ready for the act to begin. The announcers were dressed differently. Some wore their fanciest clothes, while others wore Fifth Grade Finale shirts as if they were in fifth grade. 

One comedy duo was particularly funny. It featured two little kids in front of a bus stop. They told funny jokes about their teachers. At the end, they realized that they were standing in front of a bus stop when there weren’t any bus stops in Pelham; they then ran off stage.

There was a new element to the show this year: Fortnite dances. A few groups even named their acts after the popular video game and had whole acts consisting of the moves from the game.

The Fifth Grade Finale consisted of two lines of fifth graders on either side of the auditorium who were divided into groups of about seven or eight kids. They would then prance up to the stage, group by group, to the song, “High Hopes.” Fortnite moves were also included in the finale.

The night ended with all the performers jumping up on the stage in celebration.