GO give this new GREEK place a try


Anytime a new restaurant opens in Pelham, it’s exciting. Everybody knows the “good” places in Pelham, and many people routinely visit the same restaurants, so when Go Greek, initially opened, I was naturally excited to go try it out.

I am not Greek, nor do I know too much about authentic Greek cuisine, so I was optimistic upon entering into the modern looking restaurant. With neon light signs, bar seating and white counter tops, the look was clean and fun. However, it did not have a sit down family dining type of feel, but rather an on the go one.

Food is ordered at the counter and it does not take long for them to make it: ten minutes tops. I ordered a pork gyro (which is actually the meat that it is made commonly within Greece), a vegetable pita, spinach pie and baklava– or what the menu called “GoGreek Sweet.”

I took my food home with me, and it traveled well and still tasted fresh when I ate it. I did not eat the pork gyro, but, according to a reliable source, it was “very good.” I ate the vegetable pita first. Inside was falafel, vegetables, a couple of “Greek fries” and tzatziki sauce. The falafel was delicious and had a kick of spice, which I enjoyed. The tzatziki sauce went perfectly with the rest of the pita as it brought out the flavors in the vegetables, but also neutralized the spice in the falafel so the flavor could also be present.


Next, I ate a piece of the spinach pie. This was not particularly outstanding, but it was tasty and the pastry part was savory and flaky. The feta cheese, spinach and pastry all seemed fresh and I genuinely enjoyed my small piece of savory pie.

Last but certainly not least, the baklava. In my home, baklava is a treasure. Everybody loves it so I have had my fair share of the delectable dessert, but I can genuinely say this is my favorite I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It was coated with honey, and tasted smooth yet flaky and crunchy at the same time. There were countless layers of flaky pastry and pistachio that set upon a bed of dense gooey pastry full of honey. It was insanely good. It was hard to stop eating.

Overall, the restaurant had a nice ambiance, the food was delicious, very fairly priced, and the dessert was outstanding. However, I do not believe the name of the resistant suits the type of cuisine it is. To me, it seemed like Mediterranean and Greek infused with american cuisine, due to the addition of a burger pita and falafel (which is an Israeli food) in the vegetable pita. This is no reason not to try this new place out, however, the menu was not what I expected. Regardless, the food was delicious and I would definitely recommend trying it out.