Rec Department’s Big Tots camp offers outside play, game room and water fights

Big Tots is a three-hour Pelham Recreation day camp for older kids that runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The campers have a great time while doing various activities. For example, they can play outside, hang out in the game room, work as a team in the gym or express their creativity in arts and crafts.

“My favorite at Big Tots is the game room because I love doing box stitches on the lanyard,” said Charlotte, a Big Tots camper.

On Friday, the campers get a refreshing treat—water day—when the campers get to squirt each other with water guns.

Sophia Jackson

“I love all the sports we can play at Big Tots,” said Big Tots camper named Victoria.

The activities aren’t all the camp has to offer.  The nice and enthusiastic counselors play a big role, too.

“My favorite part about being a counselor is seeing the smile on the camper’s face and making them laugh everyday,” said Big Tots counselor Stephon.