Cupcakes, other treats banned at elementary school birthday parties


Pelham elementary schools “will be replacing edible treats with non-food celebrations” at student birthday parties, according to a letter sent home to parents by the principals of Hutchinson, Siwanoy, Colonial and Prospect Hill schools.

The change is being put into place to “continue recognizing our students’ special day while being sensitive to our district wellness policy, student medical issues and our school and district commitment to equity and access and creating a community of inclusiveness.”

The letter, which was mailed rather than sent electronically, said, “Students, teachers and parents will collaborate to choose an appropriate celebration option for each child. Your child’s teacher will provide a list of ideas for celebrating, and you may suggest one as well. We look forward to honoring each of our children on their special day. But most of all, we will do so in an environment that focuses on the child, the inclusion of all and on the joy that the day brings.”

A picture of the letter follows: